Friends for life

March 4 – June 17, 2018

In the early nineteen-twenties the young Henk Chabot (1894-1949) and Adriaan van der Plas (1899-1974) – close friends and just graduated from the Rotterdam academy – went on various trips through a Europe that had been affected by the First World War. Among other places they visited Vienna, Munich and Dresden and gained much experience. The friends immersed themselves in the cities and in the life of an artist, walked in the countryside and were impressed by the works of Bruegel and Botticelli among others.

The influence of their art trips on the early work of both artists can clearly be identified in the symbolistic style and elements from Art Nouveau. As artists Chabot and Van der Plas gradually developed in different
directions, but they remained friends for their whole lives. ‘Friends for life’ illustrates this friendship in paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints.

In this dual exhibition the focus is on Van der Plas, with works from the early twenties up to the later portraits, including that of the then queen, Juliana. The works of Chabot and Van der Plas are coming from different museums, public and private collections.



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